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Emeritus Associate Professor Richard Mendelsohn

Richard-MendelsohnEmeritus Associate Professor Richard Mendelsohn has taught for many years in the history department of the University of Cape Town. He is a former head of the department and is currently the Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Affairs of the Faculty of Humanities. His research interests lie in South African Jewish history and in ‘film and history’, an area of research he has pioneered in South Africa together with a colleague, Vivian Bickford-Smith. He is the author of Sammy Marks: ‘The Uncrowned King of the Transvaal’, an award-winning biography of the pioneering South African Jewish industrial and mining entrepreneur, and is co-editor, with Milton Shain, of Memories, Realities and Dreams: Aspects of the South African Jewish Experience. His most recent books are Black and White in Colour: African History on Screen (co-edited with Vivian Bickford-Smith) and The Jews in South Africa: An Illustrated History (co-authored with Milton Shain), the first major general history of South African Jewry in fifty years.

E-mail: richard.mendelsohn@uct.ac.za