HST3042S    Minorities in the Modern World

30 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7

Convener: Associate Professor A Mendelsohn

Course entry requirements: At least two courses at 1000-level and two courses at 2000-level in historical, cultural studies or social science offered by the Faculty of Humanities, or by permission of the Head of Department.

Co-requisites: None

Course outline: This course will explore the often troubled, sometimes torturous, and occasionally extraordinary experience of ethnic and religious minorities in the modern period. Particular attention will be given to diasporic populations whose members lived and continue to live across imperial and state boundaries. This will provide opportunity for comparison of how their experience was shaped, and continues to be shaped by, specific contexts, and for the investigation of transnational trends. Examples will elaborate on key concepts associated with modernity – nationalism, race, mass politics, colonialism – and will discuss and explore how these shaped the experience of minorities in imperial settings and in nation states.

Lecture times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6th period.

DP requirements: 100% of required coursework and course evaluation.

Assessment: Coursework counts for 50%, one take-home examination at the end of the semester counts for 50%.