HST2042F   CONFLICT AND CONQUEST: SOUTH AFRICA TO 1900 (Offered from 2015)

NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 6

Second year, first semester course

Convener: Professor N Penn

Entrance requirements: At least two courses in historical, social science or cultural studies offered by the Faculty of Humanities, or by permission of the Head of Department.

Course outline: This course examines themes in the history of southern Africa from earliest times to C. 1900. It will look at topics related to the settlement of southern Africa by pre-colonial indigenous societies and the impact that colonial expansion had on these societies. Topics will include warfare and state formation amongst African societies; a consideration of the dynamics of early Dutch and British colonial society; slavery and other forms of unfree labour; frontier violence and group formation; land conquest and dispossession; imperialism and resistance; the mineral revolution and its transformation of the social, political and economic life of South Africans.

Lecture times:  3rd period.

DP requirements:  100% of required coursework; course evaluation is to be completed.

Assessment: Classwork counts for 50% of the final mark, and one two-hour examination at the end of the semester in which the course is taken counts for the remaining 50%.