HST2041F   EMPIRES AND MODERNITIES + (Offered from 2015)

NQF credits: 24 + 10 at HEQSF level 6

Second year, first semester course

Convener: N Ndlovu

Entrance requirements: At least one of HST1002F, HST1004F, HST1005F, HST1011F, HST1013F, HST1015F, HST1008S, HST1010S, HST1012S, HST1014S, HST1016S or by permission of the Head of Department.

Course outline: The course builds on the introduction to world history in first-year and aims to familiarise students with some key concepts in the study of modern history. These include reason, science, progress, market, community, democracy, revolution, public, circulation and culture. Concepts will be taught through close contextualised readings of primary sources drawn particularly from the practice and experience of empire in Africa and the Global South. The key goal of the course is to provide students with the understanding that these concepts are open to contending interpretations and therefore must always be situated in their historical contexts as they are often used differently across contexts. These concepts and their situated uses in turn provide the foundation for a more in depth exploration of historiography at third year.

This course is augmented supplemented version of its host course: Empires & Modernities, HST2040F. The content covered and assessments are identical but it offers additional tutoring and writing support. 

Lecture times: 2nd period.

DP requirements:  100% of required coursework; course evaluation is to be completed.

Assessment: Classwork counts for 50% of the final mark, and one two-hour examination at the end of the semester in which the course is taken counts for the remaining 50%.