NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 6

Second year, second semester course, up to three lectures per week, at least eight tutorials

Convener: Dr M Mulaudzi

Entrance requirements: At least 2 courses in historical, social science or cultural studies offered by the Faculty of Humanities, or by permission of the Head of Department.

Course outline: The course examines key political, economic, social, cultural, demographic, and environmental transformations that mark African history between c.1500 and 1960. Due to the geographical breadth of the continent, diversity of peoples and cultures and different historical developments, the course focuses on specific themes such as agricultural innovations, state formation, the impact of the Atlantic slave trade, imperial conquest and the dynamics of struggles for independence. These themes provide insights into the complex African pasts and in particular transcend the South African-African and North African- sub-Saharan divide.

Lecture times:  2nd period.

DP requirements:  100% of required coursework; course evaluation is to be completed.

Assessment: 50% coursework; 50% 2-hour examination in October.