HST1015F   Worlds in Contact +

10 NQF credits at HEQSF level 5

Convener:  Associate Professor S Jeppie

Course entry requirements: Only extended degree students.

Co-requisites: HST1013F 

Course outline:

The purpose of this course is to augment and support its co-requisite course: HST1013F WORLDS IN CONTACT.  It aims to improve students’ performance by enhancing their grasp of key ideas and concepts, and by developing their mastery of the disciplinary discourse. It provides additional pedagogic enrichment in the form of regular Plus Tuts that extend into Writing Hub exercises and consultations.  In these tutorials, students will receive explicit support around the co-requisite course assignments and detailed feedback on their written work.

Lecture times: Tutorial times by sign-up with the department.

DP requirements: 100% tutorial attendance plus successful completion of all coursework assignments.

Assessment: Coursework 100% comprising of tutorial assessments and other written work.