HST1014S   WORLDS IN COLLISION (Offered from 2015)

NQF credits: 18 at HEQSF level 5

First year, second semester course

Convener: Professor N Penn

Entrance requirements: None

Course outline: This course examines upheavals in world history between the 19th century and the near present and their impact on political, economic, social and cultural forces. Examples include European, settler and anti-colonial nationalisms, war, revolution and imperialism with a case study of the First World War and its impact, urbanization and the technological, social and cultural transformations that accompanied it, the collapse of the Western European empires and of the Soviet Union, and the context and consequences of 9/11. These are examined through a rich range of written, visual and oral materials, including novels, film and music. Consideration will also be made of the ways in which recent historical events have been remembered, forgotten and reinterpreted for a variety of political and commercial purposes.

Lecture times: 3rd period.

DP requirements: 100% of required coursework; course evaluation is to be completed.

Assessment: Classwork counts for 50% of the final mark, and one two-hour examination at the end of the semester in which the course is taken counts for the remaining 50%.

NOTE: Credit will not be given for both HST1014S and HST1016S.