Please note the following:

All students applying for an extension of the due date for an essay or assignment or project must complete this form. Extensions are awarded on compassionate or medical grounds ONLY. Extension requests based on workload will not be considered (you will not receive a response if you apply with this reasoning).

No extension requests will be considered if submitted more than 24 hours after the deadline (you will not receive a response).

No extensions will be granted on already extended deadlines.

Please do not query the outcome of your extension request less than 2 working days after submission of this request.

Please complete a separate request form for each essay/assignment/project/test for which you are applying for an extension.

Do not wait for the outcome before beginning to work on your assignment. 

Students with medical reasons should attach a medical certificate or other corroborating material. Students applying on compassionate grounds can attach a covering letter or any other documentation that might aid their application.