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2016 Publications

Staff Member, Student or Affiliate Title Type
Vivian Bickford-Smith The Emergence of the South African Metropolis: Cities and Identities in the Twentieth Century Book
Rebecca Hodes The Culture of Illegal Abortion in South Africa                  Journal Article
Nigel Penn The Honourable Company: VOC Rule at the Cape Chapter in Book
Lance van Sittert Begging Letters: Tin Trunk Literacy and the Empathy Economy of Tristan da Cunha, c.1909-39 Journal Article
  Children for Ewes: Child Indenture in the Post-emancipation Great Karoo: c. 1856-1909 Journal Article
  Historical Perspectives on Global Exports and Research of African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus Laevis) Journal Article
  Working Children: Rural Child Labor Markets in the Postemancipation Great Karoo, South Africa, 1856-1913 Journal Article
Nigel Worden Defending Honour in Dutch Cape Settler Society Chapter in Book
  Honourable Intentions?: Violence and Virtue in Australian and Cape Colonies, c. 1750-1850 Edited Book
  Indian Ocean Slaves in Cape Town, 1695-1807 Journal Article