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2015 Publications

Staff Member, Student or Affiliate Title Type
Mohamed Adhikari 'Killed for being in the way of Great Land Theft': Civilian-Driven Settler Genocides in California and Queensland Journal Article
  Settler Colonialism and Genocide: When Hunter-Gatherers and Commercial Stock Farmers Clash Journal Article
Koni Benson 'A Political War of Words and Bullets': Defining and Defying Sides of Struggle for housing in Crossroads, South Africa Journal Article
  "Writing my history is keeping me alive": Politics and practices of collaborative history writing Chapter in Book
Brett Bennett Margaret Levyns and the Decline of Ecological Liberalism in the Southwest Cape, 1890-1975 Journal Article
Susan Blackbeard Acts of severity: colonial settler massacre of amaXhosa and abaThembu on the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony, c.1826-47 Journal Article
  'An unprecedented but significant atrocity': A Window into the War of the Axe, 1846-1847 Journal Article
  Power, Politics, and Performances of Longing in Kat River Journal Article
Liazzat Jenisovna Bonate The Advent of Schisms of Sufi Orders in Mozambique, 1896-1964 Journal Article
Colin Bundy Short-Changed? South Africa Since Apartheid Book
Sean Field REVIEW. Surviving dictatorship: A work of visual sociology. By Jacqueline Adams. Journal Article
  REVIEW. Tumbelty (editor), Memory and history: Understanding memory as source and subject Journal Article
Rebecca Hodes Social Protection: Potential for Improving HIV Outcomes Among Adolescents Journal Article
  Kink and the Colony: Sexual Deviance in the Medical History of South Africa, c. 1883-1939 Journal Article
  Science and Scandal in South Africa: Introduction Journal Article
Agostino Inguscio Reinterpreting Genoese Civil Conflicts: The Chronicle of Ottobonus Scriba Book
Adam Mendelsohn The Rag Race: How Jews Sewed Their Way to Success in America and the British Empire Book
  The Rag Race: Jewish Secondhand Clothing Dealers in England and America Chapter in Book
Renate Meyer The Digital Library in the Re-inscription of African Cultural Heritage Journal Article
Susana Molins-Lliteras The Making of the Fondo Ka'ti archive: A Family Collection in Timbuktu Journal Article
Nigel Penn Murderers, Miscreants and Mutineers: Early Colonial Cape Lives Book
  The Myth of the Empty Land in South African History Chapter in Book
Christopher Saunders New Light on Harry Dean Journal Article
  The United States - South Africa - Germany: Reflections on a Triangular Transnational Relationship Journal Article
Milton Shain A Perfect Storm: Antisemitism in South Africa 1930-1948 Book
Carla Tsampiras From 'Dark Country' to 'Dark Continent': AIDS, 'Race', and Medical Research in the South African Medical Journal Journal Article
Lance van SIttert Fighting Spells: The Politics of Hysteria and the Hysteria of Politics on Tristan da Cunha, 1937-1938 Journal Article
  REVIEW. Frederick Lilija, The golden fleece of the Cape: Capitalist expansin and labour relations in the periphery of transnational wool production Journal Article
  'Ironman': Joseph Daniels and the White History of South Africa's Deep South Journal Article
  'Political Corruption' and the Moral Economy of Apartheid: The Case of Dawie Walters, the 'Lobster King of South Africa' Journal Article
  The Fire and the Eye: Fishers Knowledge. Echo-sounding and the Invention of the Skipper in the St. Helena Bay Pelagic Fishery ca. 1930-1960 Journal Article
Natascha Visser The Origins of the Present: Economic Conflicts in the Fisheries of the South African South Coast, circa 1910 to 1950 Journal Article