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2014 Publications

Staff Member Title Type
Adhikari, Mohamed Genocide on settler frontiers: When hunter-gatherers and commercial stock farmers clash Edited Book
  'The Bushman is a wild animal to be shot at sight': annihilation of the Cape Colony's foraging societies by stock-farming settlers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Chapter in book
  'We are determined to exterminate them': the genocidal impetus behind commercial stock farmer invasions of hunter-gatherer territories Chapter in book
Field, Sean Loose bits of shrapnel: war stories, photographs, and the peculiarities of postmemory Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  REVIEW. Public forgetting: The rhetoric and politics of beginning again. By Bradford Vivian Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
Kar, Bodhisattva New cultural histories of India: Materiality and practices
Edited Book
  Heads in the Naga Hills Chapter in book
Mager, Anne Gungubele and the Tambookie Location 1853-1877: end of a colonial experiment Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
Penn, Nigel Casper, Crebis and the Knegt: rape, homicide and violence in the Eighteenth-Century rural Western Cape Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  The destruction of hunter-gatherer societies on the pastoralist frontier: The Cape and Australia compared Chapter in book
Phillips, Howard Locating the location of a South African location: the paradoxical pre-history of Soweto Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  Mahatma Gandhi under the plague spotlight Chapter in book
  'No great war, no great flu. No great flu, no German defeat?' Reflections on epic epidemic relationships Peer-reviewed published conference proceedings
  The recent wave of 'Spanish' flu historiography Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  The return of the Pholela experiment: medical history and primary health care in post-apartheid South Africa Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
Saunders, Christopher Unequal but intertwined: Namibia's bilateral relationship with South Africa Chapter in book
  Treading the Waters of History: Perspectives on the ANC Edited Book
  Introduction Chapter in book
  Papers from The Pre-Colonial Catalytic Project: Volume 1
Edited Book
  Leadership and liberation: Southern African reflections Chapter in book
  Namibian diplomacy before independence Chapter in book
  One hundred years of the African National Congress: new insights? Chapter in book
  REVIEW. Saul Dubow, South Africa’s struggle for human rights Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  South Africa and Africa Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  REVIEW. South Africa's war, and the Cuban Military, in Angola Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  The ANC in the historiography of the national liberation struggle in South Africa Chapter in book
Shain, Milton Jewish cultures, identities and contingencies: reflections from the South African experience Chapter in book
Van Sittert, Lance Writing on skin: the entangled embodied histories of black labour and livestock registration in the Cape Colony, c. 1860–1909 Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
Worden, Nigel Cape slaves in the paper empire of the VOC Article in Peer-reviewed Journal
  'Unbridled passions', honour and status in late eighteenth-century Cape Town Chapter in book