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Masters by Coursework

A new MA / MSocSc in History by coursework starts in 2019. This is an innovative programme focused on the historical interpretation and analysis of public culture.

Students will choose from an array of exciting courses, conduct independent research in a supportive environment, and work closely with the Department’s staff as well as practitioners, activists, and experts in order to produce work that has direct impact and application outside of the university.

The programme is designed to accommodate both regular students with History Honours degrees as well as those with varied professional backgrounds and busy work lives.

How is the degree structured?

This is a two-year programme. The curriculum will consist of two compulsory courses, two elective courses chosen from a broad range of options, and a minor dissertation.

The dissertation, on a topic of students’ choosing, need not follow a conventional format. The research outputs may range from developing history apps to composing new history curricula, from creating graphic history books to making podcasts for the public, from transcribing and critically annotating oral community narratives to curating exhibitions, and so on.

All will conform to UCT’s vigorous standards of evaluation, but will have the potential to reach a broader audience beyond the campus. The programme is particularly supportive of projects that develop skills and research expertise in historically disadvantaged African-language archives.

Is there funding available?

UCT offers a range of competitive scholarships. Click here for further information. The Department will also offer three History Access Master’s fellowships in 2019. Applications close 31 October. To apply, go to http://applyonline.uct.ac.za/. Please notify us when you apply so we can expedite the processing of your application. We’d be delighted to answer your questions: please do not hesitate to contact us.

For application queries please email: admissions@uct.ac.za

For programme queries email: admin.historicalstudies@uct.ac.za