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(Not offered in 2019)

Convener: TBA

Course entry requirements: Acceptance for an honours programme.

This special topic course is a shell course which exists to enable the Department to utilise at short notice the specialist expertise of visiting scholars and distinguished guests who could otherwise not be accommodated within the normal postgraduate teaching programme. For this reason, this course will only be offered when scholars with specialist knowledge are in the Department and willing to teach in their area of expertise. Such an eventuality is only likely to arise occasionally and cannot be predicted ahead of time. When offered, the course will follow the standard postgraduate format in the Department which is twelve double period seminars over the semester, with assessment by a mixture of seminar, essay and research papers with the possible addition of a two-hour written examination. All course material will be made available via the course Vula site and all written work will be submitted and graded via the Vula site as well. Where appropriate, the course may include off-campus excursions to relevant sites within the city and wider region at which attendance will be compulsory. For information on whether this course will be offered in any given academic year and on what topic, please contact the department directly.