Dr Maanda Mulaudzi

Maanda-MulaudziDr Maanda Mulaudzi (Lecturer) received his Ph. D from the University of Minnesota, and specializes in African history and agrarian history. His research draws from social history and traces the ongoing encounters between African societies and European colonial history. In particular, his work explores how rural societies were gradually and unevenly incorporated into a capitalist world.

Maanda is particularly interested in social history of agrarian change, the creation of “native locations and social identities and the multiple ways in which men and women make sense of these changes over time.

Select publications:

(In preparation) “‘Boere Agter Die Berge’: The State and ‘Poor White’ Settlers in the Zoutpansberg District”
(In preparation) “Locating Natives: The Creation of the Sibasa District, 1890s-1910”
(Forthcoming) “The Political Economy of the “Deep North:” Agrarian Transformation in the Zoutpansberg District to 1946”, Journal of Agrarian Change
(Forthcoming) “Mungona mubikwa na ive…: Indigeneity, Identity and History: The Vhangona National Cultural Movement (VNCM).
(Co-authored with Anne Mager), “Popular Responses to Apartheid: 1948 – c. 1975”, in Robert Ross, Anne Mager and Bill Nasson (eds.), Cambridge History of South Africa, Vol. 2: 1885-1994 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), pp. 369-408.
“Chieftainship and Its Relationship to Democracy (Past and Present)”, in Andries Oliphant, Peter Delius and Lalou Meltzer (eds.), Democracy X: Marking the Present/Re-presenting the Past (Pretoria: Unisa Press, and Leiden: Brill, 2004), pp. 123-129.

Current research projects:

Maanda is currently working on a project on “Local Histories, Present Realities” which focuses on the creation, the collapse of bantustans/homelands and their continuing legacies focusing in the Limpopo Province.

Areas of postgraduate supervision:

Rural South African history focusing on land dispossession, agrarian change, identity and chieftainship with particular emphasis on Venda in the Northern Province

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 11:00-12:00.
Please email for alternative appointment times.

Contact details:

Office: Beattie 250, Upper Campus, UCT

Phone: +27 (0)21 650 1454