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Ms Camalita Naicker

Camalita Naicker Ms Camalita Naicker holds an MA in Politics and African Studies from Rhodes University. Her research interests include histories of land, labour and migration in South Africa. She has written on the trade union movement, the Marikana Massacre and land occupations in South Africa.

She is interested in how people use different forms of political practice, some historically rooted some pure invention, that are often outside of the state and institutional structures to organise and to resist domination.

Current Research Project:

Her current research examines the Afterlives of Marikana in South African popular politics, and how this is refracted through the politics of ethnicity, citizenship, land and the formation of community through resistance.

Areas of Post-Graduate Supervision:

The histories of land and labour in South Africa


Journal Articles:

  • The Politics of Specificity: Marikana and the Subaltern, Economic and Political Weekly, 2015, Vol L, no 24
  • Worker Struggles as Community Struggles: The Politics of Protest in Nkaneng, Marikana, Journal of African and Asian Studies, 2016. Vol, 51, No.2
  • Broadening Conceptions of Democracy and Citizenship: The Subaltern Histories of Rural    Resistance in Mpondoland and Marikana. (Co-authored with Sarah Bruchausen) Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Vol 34: No3
  • #feesmustfall: The praxis of popular politics in South Africa. Urbanisation. Vol, 1, No.1
  • The Languages of Xenophobia in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Reviewing Migrancy, Foreigness, and Solidarity. Agenda. Vol 30, No 2.

Contact details:

email: camalita.naicker@uct.ac.za

Phone: +27 (0)21 650 1457